Facebook Paid Advertising

Facebook recently made over 5 billion dollars in advertising revenue in  3 months! Why?

Because Facebook can do what radio, television and newspapers can’t. Try asking a radio station to target 25 year old women who live within 5 km of Bordeaux and who like animals. They can but the advert will also be heard by people who are not in the target profile which leads to wasted spend.

Facebook has profiled 1.9 billion people in the world with a minimum of age and gender. Delivering your message to your target market on Facebook is highly efficient and they offer an ever-changing and sophisticated range of products for businesses to reach customers at various stages in the sales pipeline.

Typically for brand awareness we use page post boosts but the range of products can include dynamic product adverts or a simple call to action lead generation.

Social Media Animation

There are literally dozens of social media networks on the market today but none more popular than Facebook. In October 2016, Facebook logged 1.9 BILLION people using it and 90% accessed it through mobile.

PeppaWeb Marketing can set you up on the social media network(s) that best corresponds to your target market.   Specifically creating the visual assets you require to brand your channel and then setting it up to accept paid advertising.

Our team can animate your social media network in various ways. This can vary from real day-to-day community management to writing and posting a monthly blog.