Google Adwords

Most people have heard what Adwords do. In a nutshell, advertisers buy keywords. When potential customers search on them, they trigger adverts which appear on top of the generic search results capturing the attention of a potential customer before they look any further.

Sounds easy right? Actually there is more to them than meets the eye.  Like all campaigns on Google, there are a myriad of variables and factors to consider when setting up your campaign.  Important variables to consider include landing pages, quality score, advert extensions, bidding options, targeting options and more.  Get it wrong and your credit card risks getting bruised.

This is where PeppaDew Marketing can help. We are in close contact with Google and work with them to set up campaigns for our customers which match their business needs.

Managing campaigns takes time and by tweaking campaigns such as adding negative keywords, changing bid strategies, etc. we help squeeze more performance out of our customer’s campaigns