Google Adwords

Most people have heard what Adwords do. In a nutshell, advertisers buy keywords.

When potential customers search for them, they trigger adverts which appear on top of the generic search results capturing the attention of a potential customer before they look any further.

Sounds easy right? Actually there is more to them than meets the eye.  Like all campaigns on Google, there are a myriad of variables and factors to consider when setting up your campaign.  Important variables to consider include landing pages, quality score, advert extensions, bidding options, targeting options and more.  Get it wrong and your credit card risks getting bruised.

This is where PeppaWeb Marketing can help. We are in close contact with Google and work with them to set up campaigns for our customers which match their business needs.

Managing campaigns takes time and by tweaking campaigns such as adding negative keywords, changing bid strategies, etc. we help squeeze more performance out of our customer’s campaigns.

In the picture below, the first 4 slots are reserved for paid Adwords and are indicated with the letters Ad in green.

Google Banner Adverts

Banner adverts raise awareness about your business.

Why build awareness about your business?

Because when potential customers have a need for a product or service they will contact businesses they are familiar with and who can solve their problem or offer them that good or service.

Banners can be bought per 1000 views OR they can be bought on the basis that you are charged each time someone clicks on them.

So how can PeppaWeb Marketing help you use banner adverts to your advantage?

Traditionally display advertising (banner adverts) have a shocking click though rate – like 0.01%. And therein lies the advantage of running a Display Pay per Click campaign. Impressions (the number of times your banners are served up to your defined market), are FREE until someone clicks on them.  This all means that you can bang for buck you can get some great mileage for your brand for relatively little investment.

What campaign targeting do we recommend you run?

Here are some examples:

  • Target men and women above the age of 45 who speak English and who live with 50 km of Bordeaux. Whenever the surf the internet, put my banners on pages they visit.
  • Target men and women, married, above the age of 50 who live in Provence and who visit news websites such as The New York Times or The Independent. Whenever they visit these sites, load my banners on them.

These are two very simple examples. Google Campaigns have a multitude of variables to them and PeppaDew Marketing can help you set the right variables based on your needs.

In the picture below, highlighted in yellow, are two banners being rotated onto the BBC website.