It is often said that the devil is in the detail. A quick peek at your estate agency website statistics can be quite revealing.

In this first image we see how much traffic is coming onto the website from mobile devices.

This might vary from city to city depending on the customer lifestyle, but nevertheless it clearly shows, in this case study, 36% of traffic using mobile. So just over a third. We have seen instances of 60% for other websites but that’s irrelevant for now.

In this second image, we can see what happens to traffic coming over from Facebook using mobile compared to desktop and what it does when it gets there.

6.24% of the traffic came onto the website from Facebook and stayed on average 42 seconds only looking at 2.96 pages!

Compare that with traffic coming on from an ipad or desktop and the figure goes up to 2min 8 seconds and looked at 5.25 pages.

If you compare traffic coming on from Google or Bing with high intent for property searches, their average session duration is around 7 minutes and they looked at 17 pages.

This tells us that Facebook users might not like leaving Facebook to look for properties on your website. It might be to do with their intent → they are simply browsing or it might be to do with the technology → they don’t like navigating to a website on mobile and prefer to stay in the Facebook app.

It would seem to suggest that a full 7 % of the website traffic in this example is burnt by sending them to a website.

Bearing in mind we need just one of them to initiate a contact which could lead to a sale,  it becomes unfathomable that there isn’t another strategy in place to push the 7 % into Facebook Messenger and convert them into subscribers.

If this was done, we would know who they are and we can start to engage with them and build your brand in their minds in preparation for the day when they are ready to transact.