Facebook lance des tests avec un nouvel algorithme – bientôt vous devrez peut-être payer

Facebook lance des tests avec un nouvel algorithme – bientôt vous devrez peut-être payer

Facebook teste une nouvelle fonctionnalité (EXPLORE) qui met un terme aux messages sur votre page Facebook apparaissant dans le journal de vos abonnés.

Au début, quand vous avez posté un article ou une ‘update’ sur votre page Facebook qui a par exemple 1000 followers, vous pouvez être sûr que 650 (sinon plus) de vos followers le verraient. Il y a quelque temps, Facebook a réduit cela à 230 abonnés.

Avec cette dernière annonce, Facebook teste deplacer tous les posts de votre page Facebook dans le journal de vos ‘followers’  et les déplacer vers EXPLORE (un espace séparé avec des post des pages que vous suivez et ne suivez pas, de nouveaux articles, etc.)

Les entreprises qui souhaitent apparaître dans le journal de leurs abonnés peuvent toujours le faire via des publicités payantes sur Facebook.

Le test est en cours au Sri Lanka, en Bolivie, en Slovaquie, en Serbie, au Guatemala et au Cambodge. S’il reçoit un accueil positif, alors il pourrait très bien être implémenté ici en France.

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Snapchat – What’s it all about?

You should now have seen the Snapchat logo somewhere. It looks like something between a « monster munch » and a Pacman who is scared on a yellow background.

The idea came from a few students from Stanford University (where else?) Who designed an application that allowed users to share images that were short-lived and with self-deletion. This then evolved to include messages and video.

By November 2015, application users were sending 6 BILLION video views per DAY!

The majority of chat users today are millennia (born in the 2000s). It was assumed that Snapchat users have apperced the privacy / security feature of images and self-deleting messages, but research has shown that most people use the application because it is fun.

Another reason is the « ephemeral nature of ephemeral encounters » compared to applications like Facebook where you build a permanent material chronology.

So, as a company, if your target market is people aged 17 to 30, (in America Snap cats reaches 41% of all 18-34 year-olds each day) Snapchat could be a social media service to use .

Their products are:

  • Snap Ads
Advertise in a Snap, the best mobile video ad.
Snap Ads offer the best in mobile video ads with the choice to add an interactive element below. Snap Ads always begin with an up to 10-second vertical, full screen video ad that appears in the context of other Snaps. You can also give Snapchatters the choice to swipe up and see more, just like they do elsewhere on Snapchat. Swiping up reveals extended content like a long form video, article, app install ad, or mobile website.
  • Sponsored GeoFilter
Be seen and sent by Snapchatters everywhere.
Sponsored Geofilters are tiny pieces of art that always make an impression. When Snapchatters in the location(s) of your choice take a Snap, they’ll be able to see your Geofilter and use it to explain where, when, and why they took the Snap. Whether your campaign covers a specific location, a major event, or every mall in America, Geofilters uniquely allow brands to take part in the hundreds of millions of Snaps sent between friends each day on Snapchat. In the US, a single National Sponsored Geofilter typically reaches 40% to 60% of daily Snapchatters.
  • Sponsored Lenses
The most playful way to make an impact.
Sponsored Lenses offer a completely new take on brand activation, offering not just an impression, but “play time” — the time Snapchatters spend playing with the interactive ad you’ve created. To activate Lenses, Snapchatters simply press and hold on their faces. Some Lenses include prompts like “raise your eyebrows” to trigger an animation, adding a fun twist to the experience. And when you’re finished playing, it’s easy to send Lenses to a friend or post one to your Story. On average, Snapchatters play with a Sponsored Lens for 20 seconds.

Brands can create accounts on Snapchat (on mobile) for free and create a community of users who follow them. As an example, if you download the snap chat app, why not follow « vendeeglobe2016 »

Today, Snapchat adverts cannot be bought directly. They are sold by third parties divided into Ads Partners and Creative Partners. Unfortunately, the costs are prohibitive for small businesses. Snap chat currently charges $ 50 000 per day for SnapChat Discover and $ 450 000 per day for Sponsored Lenses.

Finally, the rise of Snapchat has not escaped the attention of Facebook. In December 2016, Facebook launched a new in-app camera for selfies with features including photo filters (just like Snapchat geofilters) , masks (just like Snapchat lenses) and stickers (just like Snapchat stickers). It has also warned Page Admins it will delete Snapchat code images (the yellow QR images which you can scan to add someone to Snapchat) set as profile pictures. Facebook looks intent on snuffing out Snapchat.