Digital Loyalty Card

Digital Loyalty Cards for Restaurant Owners

  • Create a contact list of people visiting your restaurant
  • Increase what they spend
  • Increase how often they visit
  • Sell them higher margin products
  • No extra work needed
  • No new App to download
  • No more bad reviews
  • No investment in technology

Why use the Facebook Platform?

Your customers are already using Facebook and the Facebook Messenger App. There is no need for them to download anything new!  Our loyalty card runs on the Facebook platform and as Facebook updates their technology – your loyalty card is updated as well saving you 1000’s of Euros in maintenance costs and keeping you relevant to your customers all the time.

Their is an adage in marketing, “Go hangout where your customers are already hanging out”. This couldn’t be more true by having a digital loyalty card in the place your customers are visiting multiple times per day!

Facebook users are your users!

Acquiring loyalty card members on Facebook is frictionless. Facebook already has your customers details (name, email address, phone number) – so there is no need to ask them for this information again – only their approval to join your program using it.

What loyalty programs do we offer?

Stamp Card Loyalty

Buy 10 pizzas get 1 free. This is our standard loyalty program. Ask us for a demo now.

Points Based Loyalty

Delight your members by rewarding them with points the more they spend with you. You set the thresholds to reach and the prize you will give them for each reaching each threshold.


How do we stop negative reviews?

Tired of negative comments being posted to Trip Advisor, Google or Facebook? Fear not, our automated system prompts users to evaluate their experience with you by simply tapping on some buttons, immediately after they have left your restaurant. Negative feedback alerts management immediately and starts an automated exchange with the customer to understand their frustration. Positive feedback starts an automated process of harvesting comments and facilitating the process to post them to TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook. All evaluations are aggregated and sent back to management on daily basis. 

How much does it cost?

Our prices start from just € 35 per month – no contract.

Contact us now for a free demo.